You know how girls will eat a salad and then barely touch it when you take them out? Yeah, this woman probably doesn't do that.

Competitive eater Kate Ovens (what a perfect last name for her vocation of choice) recently took part in something called the Pancake Day Challenge (which, quite honestly, sounds delicious) at a restaurant called The Breakfast Club in London.

The challenge? Eat 12 pancakes in 12 minutes. That's a pancake a minute and if you've ever eaten pancakes -- and who in the Western Hemisphere hasn't? -- you know that's tough.

Ovens makes minced meat of the challenge, polishing off the pancakes in seven minutes.

Men have to love this because it's just awesome that she can stuff all this food down into her belly. Women have to hate it because she can stuff all this food down into her belly and still maintain a pretty kicking figure.

You've developed a hankering for Kate, admit it, so why not head to her Instagram page to see more of her?