New York Mets' third baseman David Wright is a perennial all-star, but the ladies of dating website think he's a MVC — "Most Valuable Cub."

A survey of more than 11,000 "mature" women named Wright as the "hottest cub" among major league ballplayers. Wright topped Phillies' pitcher Cole Hamels and Dodgers' outfielder Matt Kemp in the poll.

As its name suggests, is the "premiere dating site for cubs (and the cougars who love them)," meaning there are plenty of women 35+ who are thinking about Wright "coming up to bat" when they fire up their "personal massage devices."

Our recent survey showed that many of our female members enjoy watching sports, and love baseball in particular," said's Marlo Jordan. "With all those virile young men rounding the bases in form fitting pants, what's not to like?"

Well, the cougars probably don't like that Wright is engaged to Molly Beers. Of course, cougars are notoriously bold, so it wouldn't surprise us if Wright starts getting showered by granny panties at games. The Mets might finally be able to sell some tickets.

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