The San Francisco Giants are selling sushi burritos — a concoction of tuna, rice and avocado swaddled inside a seaweed wrap — at AT&T Park this year. The team calls the item the 'SF Giants Roll,' but it's really a burrito made of/with sushi. You'd certainly smell this vendor from a few sections away.

For foodies, the sushi burrito may be a welcome departure from more traditional baseball game food.  On the other hand, we could certainly understand serious baseball fans, some of whom have mustard stains on their shirt which pre-date the 1994 MLB strike, thinking the sushi burrito is a violation of baseball's traditions. After all, the words "sushi burrito" are not included in the lyrics to 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame.' (Yet.)

However, the San Francisco Giants are the reigning World Series champs, capturing their second title in three years last fall. Fans often pack the Giants' ballpark, and the sushi burritos do seem to be selling well, so maybe Buck Burrito Night will replace Dollar Dog Day sooner than we think.

Do they have squeezable packets of wasabi?

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