If your first time was anything like ours, then you've probably spent most of your life trying to forget it; and new research suggests it might not be so easy. In fact, it says, the way a person loses their virginity can have a lasting impact for years to come. Yep, that sure explains a lot about us.

According to a study which was authored by two psychology professors at the Universities of Mississippi and Tennessee, the manner in which someone loses their virginity is directly related to "future sexual satisfaction and functioning."  A bad first time experience could, for example, result in guilt and risky unprotected sex later on.

Still, some critics argue that the relative lack of sexual experience among the study's small sample size of 331 undergrads isn't a good indicator of anything, mainly because we all know that sex just gets better with age. Thank god.

Plus, the study narrowly defines virginity in a way that excludes lesbians and gay men. It also completely discounts masturbation by describing "intimate interactions" as something that only occurs between two people. If that were true, we'd be on quite the abstinence streak.

Bad news is, if these detractors are right you may have to look deeper for another reason why you like to get freaky in the sack.

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