Line up that target in your sights and get ready to take it down. Also make sure that you're bundled up, cause it's cold out there. But that won't matter too much. You'll get warmed up  real quick with all of the hot death you'll be dealing as an ice cold sniper in today's Free App of the Day -- iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare!

In iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare, you play legendary super-sniper Glous Miller. With a name like that, you know he is one precise bad ass. But poor Mr. Miller happens to be in prison and there's only way way out. You gotta snipe your way out, of course! Along the way, you might as well team up with a hot babe and save the world. Why not?

This "wild ride" of a game is definitely worth a free download, especially if you're always taking the sniper rout in first-person shooters.  Check it out today and enjoy the thrilling cinematic story, innovative accelerometer and touch controls, and intense first-person action.

How good is your aim? Find out today by getting iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare for your iPhone & iPad!

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