Kicking your presidential campaign off with a Comedy Central roast isn't a move that most political advisers would suggest for their candidate. Then again, Roseanne Barr (who really did win the presidential nomination for something called the Peace and Freedom Party on Saturday) isn't a typical politician.

The roast, which took place over the weekend at the Hollywood Palladium, certainly featured the kind politically incorrect humor that could be used against Barr on the off chance she ends up posing an electoral threat to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. During the event, there were jokes about tampons, drugs and sex toys and Tom Arnold even showed up.

But the most shocking moment came courtesy of veteran roast master Jeffrey Ross. He arrived dressed as recently deceased Penn State coach Joe Paterno. In case anyone was wondering if maybe Ross was just trying to pay tribute to the coaching legend, he squashed that idea by hitting the red carpet with two shirtless boys wearing Penn State helmets and towels -- a reference to the Jerry Sandusky scandal which did serious damage to Paterno's once-sterling legacy.

The chances are Comedy Central is going to cut most of Ross's Paterno hijinks out when the episode airs on August 12. You can see more photos of the stunt below.

Too soon or too funny?


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