What's the saying about other fish in the sea? If a woman turns you down, don't worry... pee on her leg? Is that it?  That's apparently what a drunken man in Colorado thought when he was rejected at a bar.

22-year-old ladies man Timothy Paez allegedly hit on a woman at Shooters Grill Bar in Boulder, CO by wrapping his arm around her. We can't stress enough what a great idea it is to touch a woman you don't know. It always works out. When she took his arm off of her and asked "Um, really?" he proceeded to pull out his penis and mark his territory. Maybe he thought she was stung by a jellyfish?

Paez was escorted outside by staff and held until police could arrive. The visibly sloshed man was arrested on suspicion of public indecency and harassment.

Sadly, he didn't get to use his clincher -- going #2 on her car hood.

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