Last week, we told you about a woman who stripped naked while at the security check to stick it to the TSA. Well, it looks like she's started a hot new meme as 49 year old Portland resident John Brennan did the same after he claimed he was harrassed by the hands on bag checkers.

That’s 40 miles of bad road right there. We’re not opposed to naked protesting, in fact, we tend to enjoy activities more au naturel (see: cornholing; luge lessons; double-dutch jump roping), but Brennan recused his mental faculties when the dude who makes 10 dollars and hour to check cigarette lighters and stack plastic tubs asked him to step forward and smile pretty for the radioactive full-body scanner. Maybe this guy should consider taking up some stress relieving activities like yoga, or liposuction.

Didn't anyone watch the special South Park episode that addressed the dangers of meme-ing?!?



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