In 1999, 'Tommy Boy' actress Julie Warner was our dream babe. We weren't just rooting for Tommy Callahan because he saved his late father's company -- we wanted that big moron to also get the girl.

The perfect combination of pretty, loyal and gutsy, Julie Warner's character Michelle was the kind of girl you brought home to mom and the kind of girl you high-fived about with your dad on the back porch. If you had a porch or a dad who high-fived.

Julie first caught our attention in 1991, in the Michael J. Fox movie 'Doc Hollywood.' She emerged from the lake naked and we nearly lost consciousness:


So whatever happened to Julie Warner?

After 1995, Julie transitioned into TV, landing roles on 'Family Law' and 'Nip/Tuck.' In 2005 her career took a turn for the weird when she was cast in the very short-lived Howie Mandell hidden-camera show 'The Private Life of a Public Nuisance.' She's also guest starred on 'House,' and most recently on 'Dexter,' where she played the sister of Hannah McKay's dead husband in 2012.

These days? She's still worthy of a high-five from your dad. He doesn't do it does he? Old fart.

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