Fans went wild for ‘Doctor Who’ star Karen Gillan last weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con. The Scottish actress, who plays the red-hot Amy Pond on the BBC sci-fi series, appeared with co-stars Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill and show runner Steven Moffat at the yearly celebration of all things geek.

The sexy Scottish redhead told Con-goers that she “cried for two weeks” after filming her final ‘Doctor Who’ scenes for the show’s upcoming series. We may just shed a few tears ourselves when Gillan leaves the show. She’s arguably the hottest companion The Doctor has ever had, after all. We’re really going to miss her short skirts.

The 24-year-old started modeling before becoming an actress. She appeared in a number of BBC projects and landed her most famous role, Amy on ‘Doctor Who,’ in 2009. (Gillan had previously appeared on ‘Doctor Who’ as another character in 2008.)

Gillan’s other projects include the BBC movie ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ and the indie flick ‘Not Another Happy Ending.’

The actress recently landed the lead role in a U.S. horror film, ‘Oculus,’ which is scheduled to begin filming in Alabama this fall. We’re looking forward to seeing Gillan’s stateside big screen debut, and hopefully it’ll lead to many more U.S. projects. And I’m sure you’ll agree -- she’s one of the most crush-worthy redheads in the entertainment biz.


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