There is no doubt about it, Kate Upton would make one fantastic wife.  So, is she finally settling down?  Kate Upton, the cover girl for this year's 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue, has been modeling for Beach Bunny Swimwear.  (Kate also recently posed for pervy photographer Terry Richardson for 'Harper's Bazaar.' You can see new, boob-tastic topless outtakes of that photo shoot. You're welcome.)

As far as we can see, Kate Upton is the only model Beach Bunny has.  Sounds pretty perfect to us.  The company's latest line of sexy swimwear is designed with one specific woman in mind: a bride.  We aren't exactly sure why a bride needs a swimsuit, but we aren't going to argue.

Kate does a fantastic job of showing off the new suits, as you can see below.  Suddenly, we have a urge to get hitched.

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