With the NFL Draft set to kick off tonight (4/26), AXE invited us to attend their press event Wednesday night to show off their new 2-in-1 "Sport Blast" shower gel and shampoo.

To help promote the new PB&J of cleanliness, AXE pitted the world's top model against a world champion: Kate Upton vs. Jason Pierre-Paul. The two combatants are on top of their game, so it's easy to see why they were selected to show dudes how to be on top of theirs. In a surprise twist, the master of ceremonies was Amir from CollegeHumor. He served as play-by-play and color commentator for what was about to unfold.

The first event was ping pong, which was the obvious choice considering it was at Spin, the ping pong bar of choice in NYC. After a mad flurry of strokes, JPP managed to edge Kate. We have to say this was unexpected simply for the fact Kate's a major distraction. While you're focusing on the ball, her post-shot jiggle is waving at you in the background.

The second event was throwing a football through a hoop. You'd think JPP would have the edge here, but Kate kept up, stretching the duel to what wold turn out to be the third OT before losing to the Giants sack master.


So, JPP had the advantage with the second event, but the third was clearly in Kate's favor as the two were tasked with a runway showdown to show off the junk their mothers gave them. Though the spoils went to Sister Bernice, we have to admit JPP might have a future doing his littler turn on the catwalk.


Off to fourth challenge - one that involved balancing on a beam and picking up random objects. Not really sure who's favored in that one, but Kate most likely has walked many a line with many a book on her head while JPP rarely takes a straight line to the QB.


The last challenge was more creative than physical as the duo engaged in a Drawsome-inspired game of digital pictionary. Each super human had to draw hints for three separate sports movies. Though we didn't have the best angle, JPP got maybe 1-2 strokes into drawing before those guessing correctly identified. For those who think this was just a lighthearted exercise, Kate's no joke - she called out the second year D-end for trying to spell out a word. She then went right to work and smoked Mr. PP, thus winning.

Once JPP collected himself and got over the sting of defeat, we sat down with him to talk shop. Though he wasn't really excited about anyone in the draft, he thought Stanford TE Colby Fleener will be a great player.

When asked who the Giants should pick, he merely stated it should be a guy who's going to play his heart out. Coach Coughlin trains 'em well, huh? JPP referred to him as a father figure.

The USF grad went on to deflect any claims that the Giants are the new Dream Team, but appeared to be okay with being The Nightmare Squad. He admitted that quarterbacks like RG3 who can run are tough to defend but anyone who doubts the G-men should ask Mike Vick how they fared.

Rumors have also surfaced that fellow D-end Osi Umenyiora will be traded during the draft - JPP admits he'd be sad to see him go and Big Blue would just have to find a way to fill the void, adding that the team's been able to do it in the past and surely could do it again.

Though we didn't get to talk to Kate (few do), it's safe to say you won't find a greater pair of emerging superstars together in one place at one time in a ping pong bar in New York City. Hard to beat. Sorry my phone sucks, y'all. Maybe some PR person for a high edge leading cell phone manufacturer will hook us up?

Here are some more pics from the event...

Oh, and if you haven't seen the new Axe Sport Blast commercial, it's below. Nick Offerman makes everything better, amiright?

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