Freshly back-on-the-market pop startlet Katy Perry is getting hot and heavy with 'The Sims 3: Showtime,' a new addition to the PC game that allows you to pursue your dreams of becoming a dancer, musician, magician and -- maybe it's just us, but we doubt it -- Katy Perry's virtual boy toy.

'The Sims: Showtime -- Katy Perry' edition is part of an expansion pack. The expansion is in the pants of millions of gamers that will probably only want the Katy character to do one thing -- sing. Kidding. BOOM CHICKA WONT WONNNN.

For her part, Katy is pretending to be a gamer. Check out this adorable quote, most likely written by her publicist, in which Katy pretends to have ever touched a video game:

"I love how you're able to play out different stories through your Sims characters - giving them different careers and watching them succeed. It's cool to see the Sims' stage performances in The Sims 3: Showtime decked out just like my 'California Dreams' tour - even my cotton candy video screens are in there! I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now 'I'm a Sim!'"

Katy, this may be news to you, but you've been a Sim in our minds ever since you first told us you kissed a girl and liked it. "Kiss her again. Now slower. Now me. Now take off your bra and show me your 'California Girls.'"

[via MTV]

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