Kingdom Rush is one of the premier titles on iOS. Shortly after Ironhide Game Studio released it in the summer of 2011, fans have been waiting for a second installment of this flagship tower defense title. Come this spring, the wait will be over!

Ironhide posted a teaser image of the upcoming game yesterday, titled Kingdom Rush: The Next Adventure. The teaser points to this spring as when we will get to enjoy more of this great series on iOS.

This pairs nicely with the screenshot they released on their blog last December, which shows off the colorful and child-like style of the first game that everyone already loves.


The screenshot hints at a few new elements in the game series, including a few different-looking towers, giant monkeys and plants with teeth. But until Ironhide releases some more official information, we will have to just wait as see what they have in store for us.

Now let's just hope they don't pull a Team Meat on everyone and suddenly shift gears and start working on some other game.

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