Somehow PCP wasn't involved in this story about a 22-year-old lifeguard who found her father pinned down by a Beamer and pulled a Wonder Woman type maneuver to save his life.

The girl, Lauren Kornacki, graduated from Mary Washington with a degree in physics put her schoolwork to good use when she left the abode one day and spotted her father crushed and unconscious under his car- a result of the car jack having slipped.

Seconds later, Lauren She-Hulked up and moved a car weighing a ton and a half off her pop's body then performed CPR on him, coaxing and coaching him back to life.

Reports indicate Lauren's dad was without oxygen and a heart beat for less than five minutes. Doctors said he has several broken ribs, some numbness, and other fractures, but no apparent permanent damage.

Someone get this chick a singlet and fly her out to London ASAP. If you're her boyfriend, are you just picking fights at the bar left and right? She gets married, the broom's getting carried across the threshold. Enjoy the ride.

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