Scott Vandiver needs to find a better way to deal with his emotions.

In what sounds like a country song come to life, Scott Vandiver, 51, wound up in jail last month after he stole his ex-boss’ 2012 Dodge 2500 in Columbia, Tenn., and drove it more than a mile into a creek with the doors open until it would no longer move, all just to get even with him, while also trying to get away from his wife.

This guy is quite the catch, huh (and not just for the cops)? Yes, he acted kinda crazy, but he could've driven the car into the ocean.

Vandiver hadn’t worked for Michael Sloan at his asphalt company in over a year, but, man that grudge didn’t go away, he told WKRN:

I hate people who disrespect their employees and all they care about is whether they are going to work for them.

Where does his wife fit into this bizarre plan? "She is having a bad time right now. She knows I done this to get away from her," he said.

Vandiver has no regrets whatsoever. When asked how he felt about his stunt, he said, "Probably it made me feel great cause I know it’s gonna hurt him when he comes in the next day and his little baby ain’t sitting there and it’s four foot in a creek."

Let’s just hope he doesn’t see Horrible Bosses anytime soon and come up with another horrible idea.