It turns out that the strange color of Ooompa Loompa orange that Lindsay Lohan’s skin has turned doesn’t happen naturally. It also doesn’t happen for free. Poor orange LiLo is having trouble with the court again, this time over a tanning bill.

Lohan reportedly owes Nevada-based tanning salon Tanning Vegas a not-that-shocking $40,000 for tanning services performed between 2007 and 2009. Nine months ago, a Nevada judge ordered the tan-tastic Lohan to pay her $40,000 salon bill to Tanning Vegas and, in another not-that-shocking move, she hasn’t paid a cent. You’ll remember that Ms. Lohan has a difficult time understanding the terms “judge” and “ordered” unless it's in a sentence like "I just ordered my tenth drink. Don't judge me!"

Now that the tan-tacular Lohan is back at work, and likely has a big pile of cash headed her way from the upcoming ‘Liz and Dick’ project, the salon is attempting to move the case to California so it can go after the orange-lebrity’s assets to get its due. Of course, the bronzed bombshell doesn’t listen to California judges either, so it’s not likely the salon will see a dime.

In the future, Ms. Lohan might want to remember that tanning in the sun is actually free of charge, unless she’s nude, drunk, buying crystal meth from strangers, shop-lifting, driving a car or due for court ordered community service. Or as she calls it "a Tuesday."


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