Lindsay Lohan does all the things that should make a girl sexy, but we're just not sure it's working. She's posing in front of the camera again -hold the groans- and her attempts at being a sex kitten are just kind of ZZZzzzzz. Again.

In her latest photo spread -this one is for Love Magazine, courtesy of Buzzfeed- she poses again for famed photographer Terry Richardson and paints her lips red, shows cleavage, impersonates Marilyn Monroe and wears lacy lingerie and butt floss. Hot, right? Well it's Zzzzzzz. Sorry, we keep nodding off.

Even posing in front of a hotel room door baring the number 69 isn't scintillating. Neither is bending over a stove. It just comes across as cheesecake and trying too hard. She's also smoking in ever shot and we don't mean smoking hot, either.

Are we being too harsh? Is it just because it's crazy Lohan? What do you think of the pics?



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