Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills' is back on track after a potentially disastrous lawsuit threatened to shut down production entirely, and one aspect of the film we can all look forward to is the return of multiple characters from the first film. Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising their roles, but it seems that 'Machete Kill'-ed Lindsay Lohan -- meaning she won't be coming back.

As if Lohan couldn't have destroyed her career anymore than she already has, what with the scathing investigative report by The New York Times, outing her horrendous behavior on 'The Canyons,' now we hear from Rodriguez himself that he won't be bringing her character back for 'Machete Kills.'

"We thought to bring her back because we like that character, but it didn't fit into the story," he said in an interview with MTV News. While that very well could be the case, we can't help but think back to Lohan's recent offenses that have no doubt drove production crews to insanity.

If you remember from the first 'Machete,' Lohan portrayed The Sister (aka April), who was depicted in a suggestive poster licking a gun. And in a scene that probably got her ready for the sequences in 'The Canyons,' she is depicted having a threesome with Trejo's character and her on-screen mom. Back in 2010 when the promotional material hit, all the major movie posters and trailers left her out, probably because of her scenes in the film and that, you know, she kept getting arrested in real life.

Does this make you sad to hear that we won't be seeing The Sister in 'Machete Kills'? Or do you think it's for the best, as she'd most likely sign on and then bail half-way through and beg for her part back towards the end of production? Let us know in the comments and check out the full interview with Rodriguez below.

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