Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson showed some mercy on former actress (because, really, when was the last time she was in anything?) Lindsay Lohan by taking shots of her at L.A.'s famed Chateau Marmont. Call it a mercy shoot, because that's what the results indicate.

LiLo proves that gravity catches up fast, even though she is only in mid-twenties. Though the shots are black and white, LiLo is looking haggard, probably years of sun and smoke damage.

Lindsay Lohan

When she tries to be Lolita sexy in the above shot with long platinum hair, heart-shaped glasses and a cig dangling between what looks like surgically enhanced lips she just comes off looking like a girl, well, trying really hard to look sexy.

Next, LiLo must have stumbled upon a jar of delicious honey or something because she can't keep her fingers out of her mouth.


Those shots aren't even dirty hot, they are just dirty, because lord knows where that digit has been. Oh right, in a morgue!

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