The big news yesterday was that "a travel-related issue" kept actress Lindsay Lohan from taping a segment promoting her Playboy pictorial on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Tuesday.

The big news today is that Lohan, 25, was back in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and back in front of a judge to give an update on her latest court-mandated community service. For those keeping a tally, the actress has received five separate jail sentences since 2007. She pulled off her greatest acting job ever, according to reports, and remains free as a bird. A robin red breast to be exact.

The only disappointing part about her court appearance was her outfit -- moming it up in a pair of sensible slacks and Chico's top. We miss Trashy Court Barbie already!

Lohan's scheduled appearance on Ellen was part of the promotional blitz for Lindsay's Playboy shoot, the photos of which were leaked online last week. The Ellen taping, originally scheduled to air on Dec. 15, has not yet been rescheduled. Coincidentally enough, now that the world has seen Lindsay's Lohans, everyone's favorite ginger train wreck doesn't seem to feel the need to play a pithy game - like "Find Your Dignity," for instance - with Ellen's audience.

If her cup size matched her sense of responsibility, she wouldn't make the cover of 'Popular Mechanics.'

For those interested, here is a photo recap of Lindsay's day in court.

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