Well that didn't take very long now did it? One day after the cover made it's way to the web, Lindsay Lohan's Playboy spread is now available for interested eyes. Check out the NSFW images here

We've looked them over (maybe for a little too long) and can say just one thing about the photos: yawn. Don't get us wrong, even with all her problems, Lindsay still looks good but we fear this is all just the magic of photoshop. Not dastardly men in dark rooms making up fake photos of LiLo, but photoshop by the Playboy magazine people. In fact, everyone here questioned their authenticity for more than a few moments. One staffer even had to take the magazine elsewhere to take what he referred to as "a closer look" and vanished for about ten minutes. He is napping in the other room right now.

As Gawker was quick to point out, not only did Playboy airbrush off all of Lindsay's tattoos and some freckles but they managed to pose her in a boring reenactment of a photoshoot she did a couple years ago. So basically Lindsay is doing a reenactment of a reenactment of a famous photo spread by Marilyn Monroe. It's like when people do an impression of Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray thinking they are doing an impression of Harry Caray. If that makes sense.

[Via DListed]


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