If you've ever been to a rave and thought, "The 20-somethings here are just too old," well, have we got news for you.

Get a look at an event called CirKiz, a New York City-based rave for preteens that's held every few weeks. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 attend the event, which features cupcakes and milk. Those, of course, are clearly gateways snacks, leading youngsters to a Molly-infused Capri Sun.

CirKiz was founded by a couple -- with two young kids -- who've been working in the club biz for two decades. Who knows, if this is successful, maybe they can launch a business educating tweens on the proper way to subtly buy pot in the park?

Enjoy this peek into the future fan base of the Prodigy and prepare to shield your eyes from all the neon. We haven't seen colors this bright since 'Miami Vice.'