Louisville head coach Rick Pitino had some skin in the game on Monday night. Minutes after his team won the 2013 NCAA basketball championship over Michigan, the Cardinals' head coach revealed that he had promised his well-inked team weeks ago that he would get a tattoo if they won the national title.

"About 12-13 games ago, all these guys — if they say 'hello,' they get a tattoo — they said 'If you win the national championship, coach, are you getting a tattoo?' And I said: 'Hell yes, I am getting a tattoo,'" Pitino told CBS' Jim Nantz after accepting the championship trophy.

While he didn't say which tattoo he'd get, Pitino probably won't go the Peyton Siva route and get a tattoo on his arm, wrist or neck. Maybe he can get a classy Louisville "L" tattoo someplace discreet? As long as it's not on his lower back, it should be fine.

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