Sporting the worst sports tattoo ever means a lifetime of embarrassment for any fan.

Look, you love your team and you want everyone to know it. You have the official license plate holder, a nice authentic game jersey and even season tickets that entitle you to pay outrageous markups on stadium beers. So, how else can you possibly express your fandom? With a sports tattoo, bro, that's how.

A sports tattoo is a permanent reminder to the world that you are a BIG enough fan to wear your team's colors forever. Find a tattoo artist and have him recreate your team's logo or a player's jersey number that links you forever with your team. It's like Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart,' only with Cheetos and beer koozies instead of battle swords and axes.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best ideas turn into the worst sports tattoos ever. Just like the teams we follow, not every sports tattoo is a winner; some are straight-up losers. Just like the coaches and players whom we follow, sports fans can often make a bad choice when getting a sports tattoo. Really bad.

Consider the following list of the 30 worst sports tattoos ever as a public service announcement: Think before you ink.

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