AMC's hit drama "Mad Men" returns for a fifth season with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, March 25th. Originally, we planned to celebrate like most men: admiring Christina Hendricks' assets then Googling "Christina Hendricks pictures" during commercial breaks. Now we can add a drinking game and choose your own adventure to that list.


Our friends at BroBible love drinking, beautiful women and watching "Mad Men" as much as we do. Since those three go together like a fine cigar, aged scotch, and a slick hairdo, they've crafted a drinking game based around the exploits of Don Draper and company.

A word of warning: playing the game could leave you wasted well before the second commercial break. We've listed the most interesting / humorous rules below.

1 drink any time:
A bar cart is within camera
Joan is an overbearing mother to a younger woman
Pete acts like a woman

2 drinks any time:
A carb-heavy meal is washed down with a quart of milk
You notice Don’s new fiancée’s teeth
When you wonder why Trudy is with Pete (ed. note - that could get ugly quick)

3 drinks any time:
A child is shown tough love
A man cries

Finish your drink if:
Betty smiles

For the full list of rules, head to BroBible.

Now, if you want a little more control over your fate (and you love 8-bit video games), you should play The Fine Bros 8-bit Choose Your Own Adventure video game below:

[Via Uproxx]

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