A new magazine spread features redheaded goddess Christina Hendricks sporting an awesome set of weapons. The crossbow is pretty cool too.

The 'Mad Men' star has a hot new spread in the fashion rag V Magazine.  The photographer deserves more than a few free drinks for coming up with a brilliant way to make the busty redhead even hotter -- dressing her in leather and letting her play with a high powered bow and arrow set.

Weapons automatically makes hot chicks twice as hot. Even a pacifist has to stop, stare and drool when he sees a delicious babe strutting around with a shoulder holder and a .50 Desert Eagle.

We're sure it could be explained as some psychological need to serve and protect the women who keep us warm at night. However, it doesn't take a genius to understand the true reason. The kickback makes their boobs jiggle. So technically, it has more to do with physics.