It's always good to have a spare, right? How about eight of them?

A man from India named Devendra Suthar owns the world record for most fingers and toes, with 28 of them in total.

Suthar, 43, is a carpenter who has seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot. It's a result of a condition called Polydactylism.

Suthar likes the fact that he's different and that people head out to see him. "Because of my extra fingers people here treat me as a celebrity," he said. "They come to see me and the attention makes me feel special."

He thinks all the extra digits are a good luck charm and has no intention of removing them. Of course, working as a carpenter means he has more chance to hurt his digits. He says, "I am a carpenter and work mostly with saw and hammer. I have to always be careful to avoid the fingers.'

There's probably another downside, too. When his favorite team scores, he can't celebrate by giving any of his friends a high-seven.