A man broke into a Baltimore fast-food restaurant last month and ate 16 slices of pie before falling asleep and being captured, police say. Baltimore police responded to a break-in at a Popeye's chicken restaurant on Feb. 19, whereupon they found a 62-year-old man asleep on the floor of the establishment.

When the cops checked the security camera footage, they discovered that the man had eaten 16 slices of pie and some applesauce and drank some water. The accused then became sleepy after eating so much that he needed a nap. That's what he was doing when the cops arrived. He was arrested by the officers.

Wow. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Sixteen slices of pie and no milk? WTH? It's clear that this guy is just a competitive eater without an event. Somebody get him into training for a pie-eating contest, stat.

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