Romario Dos Santos Alves would give his right arm to look like the Incredible Hulk. Come to think of it, he almost did.

Alves nearly had to have his arm amputated after he injected a bizarre combination of alcohol, oil and painkillers into his arms in the hopes of looking like his hero, the Incredible Hulk. Alves, 25, saw his biceps grow to a Hulk-like 25 inches and soon attracted more strange looks than Bruce Jenner.

The muscles may have gotten bigger, but so did his troubles:

I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms -- they said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock."

Alves tried to kill himself, but ultimately elected to give into the doctors and amputate an arm, which would've made him look more like that less heralded superhero that Stan Lee doesn't talk about as much, One-Armed Hulk. When Alves arrived at the hospital, though, a miracle happened: the doctor did a CAT scan and said an amputation was not necessary.

Alves, who is married with a child, stopped injecting his arms in 2013, but still struggles with other concoctions, like the horse hormone he recently bought because, aside from the Hulk, he appears to want to be like his other hero, Secretariat.

It certainly sounds like Alves is wrestling with as many emotional issues as he is physical ones. That can happen when your shoulders are so close to your ears and your muscles are wider than highway lanes.

We wish him luck going forward because not even someone with his muscles can lift his spirits up.