This guy puts the "boob" in "boob job," even though he was actually trying to put the "job" in it.

A 30-year-old man in China  identified as Mr. Ho got breast implants because he felt women had better chances of landing work. It's unclear what kind of job he tried to get, but we think it probably would've helped his resume get to the top of the pile over at Trump Enterprises.

Ho coughed up $5,500 -- most of which he borrowed -- for the procedure and then had to have them taken out because his family went ballistic after learning what he did.

He got the implants in August and quicker than you can say, "You're hired," he got them removed a month later. He essentially returned them, like a pair of jeans you get at Old Navy that you realize you don't love so much when  you get home.

"I was so scared," his mother said. "How can it be like that? How can a man with such big boobs face others? I can't tell you how many times I have cried in my room."

The mother also claims her son has issues talking with people and says the hospital should not have performed the surgery without informing the family.