We like to imagine that the third cop in the foreground has moved behind our stuck friend, because he is laughing too hard at him.

Police in Cork, Ireland recently had to be called away from fighting (Irish) crime to help a man who got stuck in a high chair meant for a toddler. As if that's not embarrassing enough, someone snapped a photo and before you can say "super size me," it went viral. Funny thing is, this isn't the first story we've written about a situation like this one. Epidemic? Let's hope so, because it's hilarious.

After he jammed his McGriddle-bloated body into the tiny molded plastic seat, our new friend found himself pretty well stuck. Cops were eventually summoned, and helped liberate the man, presumably by way of Jedi mind tricks, butter, or the jaws of life. Ugh, we hope it wasn't butter.

To the surprise of no one, witnesses say alcohol may have been involved. Alcohol and McDonalds go together a recipe for weight gain, and so as big fans of 'Arrested Development,' we'd like to pass on some sage Lucille Bluth advice to our young McDonald's connoisseur, via needlepoint:

Lucille Bluth Belt Buckle


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