We've done some dumb things after a night of drinking -- ask us about our butterfly tattoo -- but getting stuck in a piece of furniture (as far as we can recall) isn't one of them. That's not the case for our heroine today, though: a drunk 31-year-old mother, who intentionally wedged herself in a high chair and had to be rescued by the fire department.

Serena Curtis and a friend had just polished off two bottles of wine when Curtis decided it might be funny to sit in a high chair. She wasn't laughing for long, though.

Turns out the tipsy mom got pretty well stuck, and struggled in vain for an hour to free herself. Her pal captured the whole incident on her smartphone's camera, rather than help, which proves that impaired judgement was highly contagious that night.

Eventually, the drunken duo decided to call the fire department after it became clear that Curtis wasn't going anywhere. “I was so embarrassed," she said. "I just had a dressing gown on, but luckily part of the chair was hiding my face."

Wisely, Curtis decided not to share the humiliating incident with her kid. “It’s my son’s highchair. I haven’t told him yet. I’ll wait until he’s a bit older,” she said. Odds are, he'll just learn about it on the internet, like the rest of us.

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