Most of us have had at least one drunken night at a local strip club that not only contributes to a three-day hangover but a strenuous financial deficit that puts bologna and cheese on the dinner menu for the six months that follow.

Still, we have never heard of a guy getting so tanked that he unknowingly racks up a $28,000 bar tab and then has enough guts to sue the bar for serving him the booze. That is, until now.

According to reports, a man by the name of William llg recently filed a lawsuit against the Hustler Club in Manhattan because he says the club continued to serve him alcohol after he was “no longer capable of conducting financial transactions.” In addition to requesting a complete refund for his drunken discrepancy, the man was also seeking punitive damages for the club's "outrageous" conduct, says IIg’s attorney Paul Kerson.

However, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez was not sympathetic to his situation; tossing the case out of court and leaving him financial responsible for a credit card bill totaling $28,109.60. “There is no duty upon (Hustler Club) to protect the plaintiff from the results of his (voluntary) intoxication,” said the judge.

Incidentally, this is not the first time a patron of the Manhattan Hustler Club has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was overcharged for services. Last year, Gerard Wall sued the club for charging him $21,000 for a $300 topless dance. That lawsuit was settled.

Hopefully a stripper made up for the other $20,700 with a lap grind that's still happening as we speak.

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