A man in Bangladesh with warts on hands that resemble stumps has begun the rigorous process of getting himself back to normal.

Abul Bajandar, 26, suffers from a condition called epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which results in the deformities. There are only three known cases in the world.

The stumps first surfaced about a decade ago and now weigh upwards of 11 pounds.

He went under the knife over the weekend to sever some of the stumps on his right hand. It's the second surgery he's had.

An official from the hospital where he underwent the procedure said, "We removed some small warts from his palm. We also did dressing of his fingers, which were operated on last week. He's now better."

He's not all better, though. His doctor says he may need a total of 15 surgeries, which could up to 12 months to complete.

Bajandar is determined to beat the condition, saying, "I don't want to return to my village without clearing my hands and feet. I want to get back to my old life."

Luckily for him, the government is footing the bill for Bajandar, who has one child. So, the negative is he has stumps for hands and feet. The positive is the government will pay to fix it. The moral of the story: even Bangladesh has better healthcare than the U.S.