There has to be a better way to keep warm.

Check out this genius who strapped what he dubbed a "suicide vest" -- that is, a vest covered in fireworks -- to his body and then set it off. It's a NSFW (for language) shake-your-head-in-confusion clip that will make you wonder if America really is capable of being great again.

Spoiler alert: it hurt.

He joins the fraternity of idiots who thought detonating fireworks on their bodies would be a swell idea. He's clearly not very bright and we have a strong suspicion that he's the guy in high school who cheated in algebra so poorly that he even wrote the name of the guy whose paper he copied.

We can't help but notice this Mensa wannabe is out in the snow. Is it us or do you get the strong sense he's the type of wizard who decides to heat his apartment by turning on the oven?