Hopefully the Cleveland Indians' can find home easier than their new manager did on Monday. Hours before his team's home opener at Progressive Field, skipper Terry Francona embarked on the two-block walk from his apartment to the stadium. And he got lostthree times.

After managing the Red Sox for eight years, Francona had to stop and ask for directions to his new 'office' in Cleveland several times. Thankfully, an Indians' employee picked him up in a cart so he'd make it to the park on time.

“I got lost three times,” Francona said. “Even when I got to the garage two people who work here said, ‘Hey, do you know where you’re going?’ I was like, ‘Nope.’”

Three times in two blocks!?! Cleveland fans must be panicking right now. While some may cut Francona some slack because it was his first home game as the Indians manager, getting lost that many times in that short of a distance is almost impossible unless there was some prankster changing street signs a half-block ahead of him. Let's hope the Indians never have to fire Francona at the ballpark, he'll still be there three seasons later.

Oh, the Indians lost to the New York Yankees, 11-6, on Monday.

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