A recently deceased Pennsylvania man went to a fast food restaurant so often that his daughter arranged for his funeral procession stopped by the drive-thru on the way to his burial. This is why you should be nice to your family: when you are dead, they're in charge.

David Kime Jr., 88, of West York, Pa. was a World War II veteran who stopped by a nearby Burger King so often that the manager knew his order. When Kime died, his daughter, Linda Phiel, decided her father's funeral procession should stop at 'The Home of the Whopper.' Each mourner got a Whopper Jr. — Kime's favorite sandwich — on their way to the cemetery. Phiel placed a final to-go bag on Kime's coffin at the cemetery, too.

"All of us are going to be in this position," Phiel said. "And I think there's a certain group who think we should be crying. But on the other hand, he lived a wonderful life and on his own terms."

No word if the detour substituted for the funeral breakfast, but perhaps that's a trend waiting to happen. Kidding aside, the man lived to be 88 despite a penchant for eating burgers, tacos, pizza and hot dogs. There are worse lives to have lived.