From the "Would you actually eat this?" file (let's just pretend such a thing exists) comes this cuisine.

Check out this 2009 video in which a man at a 7-Eleven in Singapore dispenses mashed potatoes from a machine. Yup, it's self-serve mashed potatoes on tap, the greatest invention since the wheel, which made the car possible, which made it possible to drive to 7-Eleven to get your mashed potatoes fix.

Mashed potatoes on tap seems like something KFC should be all over, doesn't it? It doesn't seem to have caught on, though, even if we think this could open the door for other on tap food. Who wouldn't want to chow down on potato salad on tap? Cole slaw on tap? Mac and cheese on tap?

On second thought, none of these sound appetizing. Maybe it's wisest to just eat tofu and fresh berries.