McDonald's is taking a big step in the evolution of fast food.

A Mickey D's in Boston will test a Big Mac ATM, in which customers can place their orders from a machine as part of an effort to promote a new line of Big Macs that come in different sizes.

Big Mac ATM

According to the Boston Globe:

To get a Mac Jr. or a Grand Mac — both new sizes — customers will have to enter their Twitter handles on the machine’s touchscreen. Before they can even take a bite out of a burger, the machine will generate a tweet from their personal account that reads: 'Check out the new Big Mac.'"

Franchise owner Vince Spadea says this is merely a gimmick and doesn't signal a commitment to having restaurants without employees.

The ATM will only be available on January 31.

"The burgers are cooked on-site at [a nearby] McDonald’s and then immediately loaded into the heated machine, which is refilled on an ongoing basis to ensure fresh quality,” Spadea tells Eater.

This isn't the first food ATM, either. You may recall Xavier University unveiled a Pizza ATM last month. So, between burgers, pizza and soda machines, we're getting to a point where we may never need to speak to chow down.

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