Here are two people who are prepared to fight for a cause they believe in.

A pair of employees at a McDonald's in Chester, S.C. got into a fight Wednesday night over who would bake apple pies.

One of the employees, 30, asked a 25-year-old co-worker to start baking the pies, which started an argument. The older woman told the other worker to leave the restaurant, but she refused, causing the older woman to threaten to call the cops. The younger woman responded with the oh-so-mature answer, "If you call police, I'm gonna beat your (expletive)."

That's when things went all Maury and the brawl busted out. It was like dinner and a show for everyone on line waiting for a 6-pack of McNuggets.

A customer who had come in to buy his girlfriend a McChicken (how romantic!) whipped out his cell phone and recorded the pies fight prize fight.

Police continue to investigate. No one was hurt.