Melissa King, who was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA last November, stepped down yesterday amid rumors of doing an adult film shortly after her 18th birthday.

Did the beauty queen Melissa King take a scepter in the throne? Here is what Gawker uncovered -- In a video found on the adult website, a girl tells an off-camera interviewer that she "does beauty pageants" but decided to go into porn because "she needed the money." The girl is allegedly Melissa King and the video has since been taken down.

Anyone who watches 'Toddlers and Tiaras' knows how expensive these pageants can be and anyone reading probably just realized I admitted to watching 'Toddlers and Tiaras' which is fine. I'm a man who can own up to his terrible TV choices. In Melissa King's defense though, doing adult films is usually a very hushed thing that no one ever, ever, ever finds out about and doesn't live on the internet for an eternity. Honest mistake.

Gawker reached out to the Miss Teen Delaware USA Appearance Coordinator, who "would neither confirm nor deny that Melissa King has stepped down, saying she 'needed more details.'"

Indeed. We're all going to need more details, in the form of, the original video and some hand lotion and a quiet spot in the office. I'll handle the lotion and quiet spot if someone else finds that footage. I'll be polishing my own crown in the meantime.

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