According to a new survey by the folks over at AskMen, men are more likely to "pre-stalk" a potential partner before dating. 

In their yearly Great Male Survey on the popular men's website, when asked exactly how far they would go to find out details about a woman, 55% of men said they would just check out their Facebook page. A minuscule 6% said they would do a Google search and no man would admit to checking out her mom's Facebook page to see what their potential partner would look like when she got older.

Of the women polled, 31% say they don't pre-stalk at all, which means either they are lying or getting their friends to do all of the dirt digging.

The word stalk makes this all seem so perverted and illegal. It feels like sneaking around corners and hanging out in front of their office is involved. Maybe more men would admit to doing background checks on women if the word stalk wasn't involved. Companies don't "stalk" potential hires. It's called a background check or doing due diligence. So, from now on, it's called dude diligence.

"I'm taking out the girl from the bar the other night."

"You sure she isn't a nut job?"

"Nah, it's cool, I did my dude diligence."

So we want to know, do you do your dude diligence before a date?

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