Metro: Last Light will get a Limited Edition that features the hardcore Ranger difficulty level, just for you folks who enjoy punishment.

Eurogamer has reported confirmation of a March 2013 release for the game, as well as THQ's announcement of a Limited Edition available for pre-order.

Metro Last Light

This pack will come with Military Grade Bullets, the AKS-74U Modified Russian Rifle, and the punishingly hard Ranger Mode difficulty. The tough-as-nails difficulty had Easy and Hardcore settings in Metro 2033.

Easy meant that you could be killed with a scant amount of bullets and had no access to crosshairs. Hardcore meant getting killed by one shot and traversing the game without a heads-up display. Ranger Mode was definitely not for the faint of heart.

Pre-ordering the digital version of Limited Edition nets you a free download of Homefront, another THQ-published game, and Metro: Last Light theme for the PSN.

Let us know if you'll be all in for that ridiculous Ranger Mode and don't forget about the promotion THQ is running that gets you a free download of Metro 2033 in exchange for a "like" on their official Facebook page!

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