A representative for legendary boxer Mike Tyson announced that the former heavyweight champion will hold an intimate dinner for curiously rich boxing fans willing to drop $3,000 a head to get up close an personal with the one of the world’s most infamous fighters. 

According to Tyson’s tour manager Max Markson, a total of $60,000 will buy a lucky group of people the opportunity to pose for photographs with Mike Tyson as well as give them a live open forum to ask him about things like "his 1992 rape conviction, bouts with venereal disease, sex with prostitutes" and, o’ yeah, his boxing career.

Markson says no topic of discussion is off limits. "He'll take any questions - he's quite open about talking all about the controversial parts of his life, including his incarceration, venereal disease, splashing $100,000 at a time on prostitutes.”

While this exclusive food and wine swaray is set to take place the day after the boxer is scheduled to give a motivational speech at the “Day of Champions” event in Australia next month, several community leaders and women’s groups are calling for a boycott of the event. "He's convicted of rape and violence, and I don't know what he brings to Australia," said Lord Mayor Robert Doyle. "I'd actually say to those considering going to this private event to think again."

We are thinking about it and wondering where we going to get the money.