So much for the ol' stereotype models can make due with a piece of celery and call themselves full.

Meet Nela Zisser. You may not know this gal from New Zealand, but she's a model (according to her Instagram page), but, more importantly, she's a competitive eater who raised (or is that lowered?) the bar when she made a video of herself eating 10 scorpions in some place that has 10 scorpions ready to eat like Little Caesars has pizzas.

And here we were thinking models only liked to be on camera when they were taking selfies while looking in a mirror.

Zisser polishes off the arachnids in a hair over 90 seconds. She says she's a competitive eater, but it's hard to gauge the truthfulness of that claim considering she's eating at a table for one.

If anything, her choice of cuisine proves she could potentially make it far on Survivor.

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