Authorities in Duncan, Okla. have charged a mother and daughter who married each other with incest.

Patricia Spann, 43, and Misty Spann, 25, tied the knot back in March. Officials learned about their illicit (and almost nearly as vile as this) union back in August.

Patricia lost custody of Misty as a child, but the two reunited in 2014 and Patricia didn't think walking down the aisle was an issue because her name no longer appears on Misty's birth certificate (because having the name on the certificate is the only thing separating this from being vomit-worthy, right?). Both women know they're mother and daughter and are contemplating an annulment.

Incest is a felony in Oklahoma and the couple could face up to 10 years in the slammer.

And if you think this story is strange, we're going to amp it up even more: back in 2008, Patricia also married one of her sons, but got that annulled in 2010.

Maybe someone needs to tell this woman that Tinder and are totally not affiliated with one another.

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