Dale Rowlinson-Bates was living the New Year's dream: He had found himself a nice lady, and was starting 2013 with a long series of bangs. Unfortunately, it all ended with a visit from police, but not because the 20-year-old from England did anything terribly wrong -- he just forgot to call his mom.

Dale had last spoken with his mother at about 8:30 PM on December 31, when he told her his phone was dying. Julie Rowlinson-Bates became nervous when Dale still hadn't returned her phone call by the evening of New Year's Day, so she called the police, and triggered a fifty-cop manhunt.

The search was called off mid-afternoon on January 2 when Dale's little brother was able to get in touch with him, and learned that Dale was not missing, but shacked up.

"He had been staying in Birmingham with a girl," Julie Rowlinson-Bates sheepishly explained. "He obviously spent a day or so with the girl and then came home."

A friend of Dale's described him as "a bit of a Mummy's boy."

In some respects, it's got to be pretty embarrassing to have mommy freak out and call the police just because you finally got lucky. On the other hand, now the entire world knows Dale had himself a pretty epic New Year's. Congrats, Dale. Also, you should move out of your mom's house. Seems like it might be time.

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