For anyone toying with the idea of getting high on bath salts, don't do it! According to this terrifying PSA from the U.S. Navy, doing so will make you steal french fries, vomit, suck at bowling and listen to dubstep.

Seriously, though, bath salts are a horrific way to abuse your body and this nightmarish PSA more than adequately conveys that. Bath salts totally ruin the day of the film's 22-year-old subject.

After an encounter where he punches his girlfriend and hallucinates that his roommate is a hideous, red-eyed demon, the bath salts abuser ends up in the emergency room fighting for his life with a racing heart rate and dangerously high blood pressure.

Eventually, the man wakes up strapped to a bed and throws a fit until he's heavily sedated. Oh, and dubstep plays throughout most of the video too, which, as far as we're concerned, is more than enough reason to stay away from bath salts.

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