‘The Walking Dead’ is a huge hit on TV, the ‘Evil Dead’ remake is making waves with audiences and critics, and it seems like a new spooky movie premiers every month to nab the box office crown. Yes people, horror is back in a big way!

From the success of found footage flicks to critically acclaimed gore-filled indie anthologies, zombie romcoms, and TV shows about vampires, it seems our hunger for horror is only growing.

In the latest episode of one of the coolest movie chat shows around, Badass Digest, film critics Devin Faraci, Brian Collins and Ryan Turek sit down with ‘Night of the Demons’ screenwriter Jace Anderson to discuss the state of modern horror, and where the genre is going. It’s a treat for horror fans and lovers of awesome cinema, so check it out and tell us: What’s your favorite scary movie?

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